Personal & Business Assistant

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О компании

US-based company producing software solution that helps construction teams better communicate and collaborate in order to monitor, track quantities, plan and manage jobsites.


Personal tasks include:

Nikita loves to travel, so he needs help with managing visa documents, booking flights and hotels, renting cars, getting high-quality service at lower rates, etc.

Organizing work expenses - for example, Nikita will send you checks, and your task is to add the information to a spreadsheet.

Organizing Nikita’s schedule - manage meetings and calls, both personal and working calendars.

Researching information on different events Nikita is interested in and would like to attend, on topics, news, etc.

Assisting in other possible tasks and projects.

Work-related assignments may include:

Scheduling meetings for Nikita with partners, potential clients, etc., writing business emails and follow-ups.

Helping Nikita with sourcing new candidates to join teams for his projects.

Creating a simple landing page for his projects.


Excellent English skills - you'll communicate with Nikita’s team, potential clients, and partners for his projects, so we don’t want to see or hear any mistakes.

Experience in planning trips and passion for traveling - you know exactly how to book the best accommodation and hotels, find suitable flights, etc. You enjoy planning active trips.

Strong research skills - you can search for, extract, organize, evaluate and use or present information that is relevant to a particular topic.

Problem-solving skills and creativity - you’ll receive many tasks requiring a creative approach and the ability to find unique solutions. For example, you should be able to come up with different ideas on how to get to a particular country if simple travel visa ways are not available.

Multitasking skills - you feel confident juggling multiple tasks at a time.

Attention to detail - as an assistant for Nikita, you’ll work with dates, numbers, names, etc., so you should be careful with such kinds of data.

Efficiency - you know exactly how to organize not only your work and personal time and don't want any minute to go to waste, but you are a supernatural organizer who can bring the chaotic life of another person to an ideal structure.

Self-reliance and proactivity - you are a person who can work under little or no supervision, always make sure to complete your tasks, and meet deadlines. You never hesitate to suggest new ideas.

Flexibility - you’ll need to adjust to different time zones, depending on Nikita’s location.


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  • Английский: advanced

Условия работы

Full-time employment (8 working hours per day, 5/2). Unique opportunity to work closely with a successful entrepreneur.

Remote work.

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