Junior Data Analyst

Удалённо / Неважно 600+ USD

О компании

firstmovr helps companies in CPG/FMCG sector adapt and transform ecommerce operations while keeping abreast of fast moving digital trends via virtual eCommerce summits, custom education programs and strategic advisory consulting.


  • Working with Excel and Google Sheets to analyze and manipulate data tables, creating custom formulas for color-coding and conditional formatting of data tables.
  • Writing regex expressions to find or match patterns present in the data.
  • Using Python to write code for automating tasks and processes. Writing formulas, including SQL queries, to extract relevant data from the company's databases.
  • Optimizing the company's loyalty program (3000+ participants) by analyzing customer registration data, tracking event attendance, and identifying patterns and trends.
  • Updating customer information in tables and databases in real-time, including changes to email addresses or other personal details.
  • Collaborating with founders to develop custom solutions for tracking and managing customer data.
  • Maintaining customer projects and ecommerce sites, providing data analysis and insights as needed.
  • Staying up-to-date with the latest data analysis tools and techniques, and making recommendations for improving the company's data management processes.


  • Fluent English
  • Proficiency in Excel & Google Sheets - you will be working in them every day, you can easily analyze data, work with formulas and numbers.
  • Proficiency in Python & SQL - you are able to code in both languages.
  • Experience in writing regex expressions.
  • Excellent attention to detail
  • Structured thinking - you can structurize and describe the business processes and data models.
  • Strong self-reliance and the ability to create solutions and make decisions on your own with the minimum required confirmations.
  • Great communication skills - you are easy to communicate with, you are not afraid to ask questions.
  • Be a proactive team player who's not afraid to speak up his own opinion - seriously, the company is looking for a person with many ideas, not just an executor.
  • Organizing skills


  • Без опыта
  • Английский: advanced

Условия работы

  • Full-time schedule (8 working hours per day, 5/2).
  • Remote work.
  • A great opportunity for professional development and growth in the e-commerce field.

Заработная плата

600+ USD

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