Community Manager

Удалённо / Nigeria 700-1200$

О компании

ESHE is a unique and innovative solution to the challenges women face in accessing quality health care services and products. Our app has the potential to change the lives of millions of women and improve their health and well-being.


  1. Administration and moderation of the women's community of the Eshe project on social networks with an emphasis on the African audience.
  2. Content marketing: creating and publishing quality content on social networks to keep participants active and interested.
  3. Monitoring and participating in discussions, answering questions and providing information about the project.
  4. Organizing and conducting events aimed at strengthening the community and attracting new participants.
  5. Work with opinion leaders, bloggers, cooperation with African women's communities and charitable organizations.
  6. Collection and analysis of feedback from the audience.
  7. Monitoring trends and innovations in the field of marketing.


  1. Proficiency in Russian at level C1/Advanced or higher is a MUST!
  2. Experience as a community manager for at least 3 years.
  3. Availability of cases, links to communities that you developed.
  4. Understanding the social media market and online communities in Nigeria. Knowledge of the features of social platforms.
  5. Proficiency in English at C1/Advanced level or higher.
  6. Having your own audience on social networks.
  7. Copywriting skills.
  8. Experience with analytics services.
  9. Experience with graphic editors.
  10. Creativity and initiative in creating content and interacting with the community.
  11. Excellent communication skills and conflict resolution ability.
  12. Literacy, large vocabulary.
  13. Time management skills.
  14. Experience with Lark or analogues: Trello, Jira, Asana, etc.


  1. Experience with auto-posting services.
  2. Experience with parsing services.
  3. Experience with short link creation services.
  4. Experience with services for holding competitions.
  5. Experience in the healthCare field.


  • Более 3 лет опыта
  • Английский: advanced
  • Знание других языков: russian

Условия работы

  1. Remote work format.
  2. Flexible work schedule.
  3. Official employment.
  4. Paid vacation 28 calendar days.
  5. We are ready to discuss salaries individually with each candidate.
  6. Salary indexation once a year.
  7. Bonuses depending on results.
  8. Work in a creative team focused on innovation and growth.
  9. The ability to influence the organization of internal business processes and the prosperity of the project.

Заработная плата



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