Swift Invention Inc

Front End Engineer

Удалённо / Europe, Georgia, Armenia, Turkey, Kazakhstan, Poland 3000-4500 USD

О компании

Software Development


About the project:

Pakira is an early stage technology startup in the B2B supply chain and fintech space with a mission to digitize physical commodities’ (lumber, grains, metals) trading and operations, via an all-in-one, integrated platform


Required skills:

Experience with Typescript/Javascript Experience with React or Vue Bachelor’s degree or higher in computer science or a related field 3+ years of work experience in developing Desired skills:

React v17+, hooks API, functional components React Router Typescript Tailwind I18-next NodeJS Comfortable with databases: SQL, MongoDB Recoil/Jotai state management Monorepo (yarn workspaces) Webpack/Vite/Snowpack


  • Более 3 лет опыта
  • Английский: intermediate

Условия работы

We offer:

Paid time off (24 working days per year) Equipment: laptop (M1/i7, 16/32GB RAM) Flexible working hours

Заработная плата

3000-4500 USD


Contacts: job@swiftinvention.com tg @HelenSwiftInv

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Дата публикации: 17 октября