Hiring Sales And Marketing Agents

Sales And Marketing Agents

Удалённо / Doesn't matter $500-$1500

О компании

The purpose of Sales & Marketing agents is to help find and help clients with HEALTH & WEALTH challenges, and then directing them to permanent solutions - with a modern high-tech approach! Build rapport with our related content - on Youtube, and in our exclusive online-courses and events!


As a Sales & Marketing agent, you will work on spreading the word about our many digital products and event opportunities so that we can all grow together and better humanity - exponentially! You will help find people who need help from our many open collaboration partners such as: influential healers, doctors, coaches, millionaires, gurus, and more! You’ll be guided by Asana tasks, training videos, team meetings, will have access to many useful apps and programs - to boost your results. You will play a vital role in spreading the message of Adaptive Intelligence’s life advancement opportunities via your skillset.


REQUIREMENTS TO QUALIFY Skills and knowledge you must possess to be selected as a candidate: -Sales and Customer Service Experience and ability to get results with AQ training guides -Marketing Experience and ability to relate with customers and gain useful data to help all AQ clients -Familiarity or willingness to master using: Asana, Discord, Slack, Hubspot, Eventbrite, Zapier, Various Online Selling platforms, Jotform surveys, WhatsApp, Google Calendar, Google Sheets, Google Docs, Powerpoint, Keynote, Youtube training, Google Drive and more. -Preferred but not required Certifications in Sales, Marketing, Business, Management, Customer Service, etc.


  • Меньше года опыта
  • Английский: advanced

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При отклике на вакансию, пожалуйста, прикрепите резюме. Если оно отсутствует, укажите свои навыки, образование, места работы и обязательно укажите, на какую вакансию вы откликаетесь.

При отсутствии этих данных ваш отклик не будет рассмотрен.

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