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Junior Social Media Specialist

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О компании

Institute of Possibility Thinking - a US-based company that helps entrepreneurs break through the barriers to creating an extraordinary life.

Institute of Possibility Thinking is a company that partnered with executives, industry leaders, and entrepreneurs to break through the barriers to creating a wealth of success - an extraordinary life. Their programs take a holistic view of the key components to curating a successful wealth building mindset in all areas of life. Clients experience a marked change in clarity, direction, and purpose from the very first day of their journey. In this time of disruptive change, mindset is no longer a luxury, it’s a necessity.


What will you do?

Manage social media accounts of the company - you'll be responsible for posting the content, editing videos, preparing the appropriate engaging content (visuals and texts) based on the information provided, and managing the comments section by responding to them on Instagram, Facebook,

YouTube, and LinkedIn. So, you’ll have not one profile but a portfolio of channels.

Do some graphic design & video-editing for social media content.

Maintain a content strategy - you'll be the one to decide what content to post 4-6 months ahead, when and on what social media platforms. Therefore, we need you to be ready to understand the business fast, be flexible & agile.

Manage email campaigns - you'll be expressing the brand by keeping in touch with current and previous members of the community. Meaning, you'll be sending weekly emails using the Kajabi tool. Also, you might be asked to send follow-ups for sales purposes sometimes.

Manage the task-tracking system - you'll need to update the status of the projects, drive the marketing processes and keep the team posted on what’s going on.


Excellent English skills, both written and spoken. You'll represent an English-speaking company, so you should be a good writer, and understand the tone of voice of the brand. Also, the team is native in English, so we don’t want to see or hear any mistakes.

Previous experience managing Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, or LinkedIn. We will request a portfolio of your social media texts & visual examples.

Video-editing & image-editing skills - you can easily create engaging content for any social media platform.

Experience with any email-marketing CRM system (for example, Kajabi, HubSpot, etc.).

End-to-end social media experience: you have cases when you started with a strategy from scratch and ended up posting everything that you’ve created and analyzing the results.

Very strong written & spoken communication skills - you will be in charge of writing engaging content for the potential members, so we expect you to be able to communicate clearly with them & be able to catch their attention with powerful texts.

Ability to multitask - you can run a couple of projects simultaneously.

Ability to speak up - you're willing to show your expertise when it comes to social media management and want to help the team understand what is the best frequency to post, at what time of the day, etc.

Independence and self-reliance: you can make decisions and work on your own without being constantly supervised, and you may have content planned weeks in advance.

Proactivity - you have a strong desire to help the company grow. You are open to new information and communication and aren't afraid to ask questions.

Organizing skills - you manage your time effectively and know what you need to do in marketing 15-30 days ahead.


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  • Английский: advanced

Условия работы

Part-time employment (4 working hours per day, 5/2). Please note that we support your desire to combine this job with studies, however, we will not consider candidates planning to combine several jobs or freelance work.

If you succeed in this position, there's a possibility that you'll switch to a full-time schedule (8 working hours per day, 5/2).

A great room to grow - you'll be dealing with branding, marketing, retreat management, and potentially might be hiring new people to your team. Remote work.

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